#BeingAnanas DIY

Hey! Guys so I have been seeing these pineapple print hoodies, tops & what not, all over my Instagram & Pinterest. Then I came across a video of one of my favorite DIY you tuber Larissa & I thought why not make them because they are so simple to make (& if I can make it anyone can because I have never been good at art & crafts).
I am also adding pictures so you guys can get an idea of what I’m saying & also what the products look like.
So, let’s get into it!
YOU NEED:- Fabric colors Spoon A tank top (because they are easily available & cheap)


Take some of yellow fabric color & brush the color on the back of the spoon.
NOTE: - DO NOT ADD WATER TO COLOR Once you have enough color on your spoon dab it on your top. Try creating an oval shape. Make the shape right using brush. Make a lot of pineapples on the tank top randomly. Once you have enough pineapples, use green color to make the crown of the pineapple. Start from the center & mak…

#SareeNotSorry Breaking fashion rules!

I am blogging tonight after almost 15 days. Tossing continuously between study & blog is not easy, but I am trying to keep up with it.
Anyway I took such a long break as I had my exams & as the semester is ending I had to complete a lot of assignments & stuff, which I’m still not done with though. So, I am not going to waste any more time & get into my outfit.
 I think every girl loves wearing sarees for a few special occasions. I mean who wouldn’t want to channelize the sexy desi girl, in ourselves. So the hunt for the perfect saree begins & that struggle with the masterji for that perfect blouse & detailing takes your all. I am different that ways. I try to cut short the struggle!
For this look I have worn saree with a kurta. Not doing much with the jewelry to let saree be the statement. I’m wearing jhumkis (DIY) & handcuff & I was pretty much done. And not to forget my Rajasthani ethnic side bag.

I bought this kurta last year from Ujjain & as I…


Hey there! So finally my blog is live. I have been planning this entire blog thing for a year now & since it is live now I’m really really excited.

I wanted my first post of the blog to be an introduction about me & my life to you. But, then I thought what better than introducing myself by my work. So, let’s get into it.

Now, everyone loves denims & I am in love with the denim on denim trend for a while now & I’ve seen it everywhere. So, I thought of posting this casual yet classic look.

I have paired one of my DIY old jeans (i'll post about it in the DIY section of my blog later) with a denim shirt that I borrowed from a friend since I needed an over-sized one (perks of having great friends xoxo). I knotted the shirt to give a funky look to it. Not to mention the fishnet stockings, pair of white sneakers, leather bag& my favorite clear glasses all together is totally adding the edgy element to the outfit.
I’m a huge watch person. I do appreciate chain wrist watche…